ThomasJames is renowned for taking the concept of Bathroom products to the next level with our beautiful and original designs created by professional designers and artisans. Whether you’re looking for a roll top, single-ended or a bateau style, each of our luxury bathtubs is handmade ensuring the highest quality.


Copper has a natural quality known as a ‘living finish.’ This is a unique characteristic that distinguishes copper from other metals, and it’s the primary reason why a pure copper bathtub increases in beauty as it ages. Pure copper interacts with its environment and organically deepens in color and tone as time passes. It starts with a pinkish, almost salmon-like color, and it gradually darkens in color as it progresses through a range of russet browns. It will eventually stabilize as a deep, rich tone.


The speed with which your tub changes color and the ultimate depth of tone will depend on the amount and type of use it receives. The bottom line is that pure copper bathtubs age gracefully and grow more elegantly with each passing day!










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